A colleague made a good point of informing businesses that using images of models without their consent is bad business. She reminds us that whether you are using these images on flyers to or commercial purposes you are leaving yourself open for potential litigation.   As the model or owner of said images what can you do to protect your work?

Copyrights and trademarks are used to protect intellectual property which is defined as creative work that can be protected by law.  Examples of intellectual property include artist works, authors’ publications, designs, and logos just to name a few.  The difference between the two can be found below:

1) Copyrights: are used to protect literary works and other works of expression, such as music and artwork. Copyright protection prevents third parties from using the artist work without their consent.

2) Trademarks:are used to protect distinctive words, logos or other marks that are used to identify the source of the product and distinguish the product from any other manufacture.  Trademarks prevent third parties from profiting by using a similar mark or logo of a business in the same industry.

Registering your intellectual property can give you a remedy if a third party uses your work without your consent.  If you need help deciding which method of protection you need or how to register, contact The Murray Law Group, LLC.

*Patents are another form of intellectual property protection used to protect inventions (not ideas) you must contact a patent attorney for help with this area of protection.