You can trademark any mark that is directly related to a good or service that you currently provide or that you intend to provide in the near future. A trademark (or service mark) protects any word, name, symbol, device, including the combination thereof that is used (or intended to be used) to indicate the source of good/service as well as identify and distinguish the goods/ services of one seller/provider from those of other.   This is commonly referred to as ones “brand“.

Although federally registering your mark is not mandatory, I strongly recommend doing so for the following two reasons:

1. Prior to registering your mark a search will be performed to insure that no similar marks are already associated with the type of good or service that you seek to provide.  It is important to have this information prior to exerting time and money into business cards, websites, business license, etc…

2. Registering your mark early on can prevent unnecessary legal fees and expenses.  As a business owner you are watching every dime and doing your best to avoid spending money where you don’t have to. Registering your mark will provide notice that the mark is in use, thus deterring others from using the mark. This makes it very likely that you will not spend your hard earn money on cease and desist letters,  litigation and things of that nature.

As your attorney, I can assist you in protecting your brand.  For more information on what I can do for you please contact us.