All small business owners need a web presence, however a website is useless if it is not functional.  People who visit your website want information and they don’t want to play hide and seek with what they are looking for.   Help your customers out by making sure your site has great content, is functional, and tells people what you want them do. Here are some resources that I have been using over the last two weeks to do just that.


  1. Formstacks, this site allows you to create forms to add to your website. You can create anything from contact us forms to a sells forms. The best thing about these forms is that you can embed them in your website for a seamless transition.  Want to know how you can use this for your site, visit one I created.
  2. Lander was a real blessing. I knew I needed a landing page for my site but had no idea how to create one. This site makes creating your very own landing page easy peasy. So what exactly is a landing page?  While your website’s homepage gives your customers an overall view of what your business does, a landing page has one distinct purpose and gives your customer the opportunity to act on that purpose.  Compare my homepage to my landing page, can you see the difference?  Lander Apps also allows the page you create to be embedded on your website with a purchase of their plan.
  3. I also worked with Tylalnd Writings to update my company profile page. You can view it here and tell me what you think.
  4. Last but not least I found two great Wordpress plugins. Websimon help me add the table you see on my company profile page and MaxButtons help create the call to action buttons you see throughout the site, how awesome is that?

Both Formstacks and Lander offer a free trial so you can play with it and decide if it is right for you.

Websimon and MaxButtons are free for Wordpress users but if you find the plugins useful give the developers a donation for making your life easier.