You see the initials but do you know what they stand for and what benefits come with operating your business as a LLC.


Limited Liability Company is just what it says.  Operating as a LLC creates an extra layer of protection between your personal assets and your business.  If someone sues your business you can sleep a little better knowing that your home, car, personal savings, etc… are not at risk.   While a LLC does offer personal liability protection, the protection is not without exceptions. Consult your attorney to ensure that you are managing your business in a manner that will afford you all of the protection that a LLC has to offer.

LLC business owners do not lose the tax advantages that come with a sole proprietorship (individual business owner) or a partnership (multiple business owners) while operating as a LLC.  LLC members (business owners) have the benefit of passing business losses through to their personal income tax returns.  For more information concerning tax advantages please consult a tax advisor.

In addition to the above benefits, potential investors and customers are more likely to trust you as a small business owner if you take the time to establish your business as a LLC.  If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits of operating as a LLC or if you have any questions concerning how operating as a LLC can benefit your business contact the

Murray Law Group, LLC at