Protecting your Legal Rights



If you are questioned by the police you have the right to remain silent, DO SO! You will be very tempted to answer their questions and assert your innocence, don’t.  Your statement will be used against you.

Invoke your rights and ask for Montgomery Criminal Attorney Connie Murray.

Being charged with a crime can be a confusing time for you or your love one.  Having a criminal conviction can effect your reputation and livelihood therefore it is crucial that you have a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney protecting you at every stage.  At the Murray Law Group, LLC we are ready to assist you with your criminal defense.

DO NOT enter a plea of guilty  and accept probation without consulting with an attorney.  Even if you are granted probation a felony conviction strips you of your civil liberties such as the right to vote, possess a firearm and leave the country.  Being convicted of a crime can also effect your creditability in future legal matters.

When you choose the Murray Law Group, LLC to represent you in your criminal matter we will analysis your case to determine the best possible solution for your individual situation.  This could result in going to trial, negotiating a plea to reduce the charges, or application to the district attorney’s pretrial diversion program or drug court program to have the charges against you nol pross after successful completion of either program.

Montgomery Criminal Attorney, Connie Murray assist clients with building a criminal defense against many charges including but not limited to the following: