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  • Trademark, Copyright and Business Development Solutions

    Your company’s reputation is extremely important, protect it by using federally registered trademarks.  Registered trademarks prevent others from using your logo, word mark or other mark that readily identifies you to your clients.  This means that when your clients or future clients are looking for your company they find exactly who they are looking to do business with.

  • Criminal Defense

    Being charged with a crime can be a confusing time for you or your love one.  Having a criminal conviction can effect your reputation and livelihood therefore it is crucial that you have a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney protecting you at every stage.  That includes the preliminary hearing, trial and appeal if necessary. At the Murray Law Group, LLC we are ready to assist you with your state and federal criminal defense.

  • Alabama Expungement

    If you or a love one were arrested and or charged with a crime in Alabama and you were later found not guilty or the charges were dismissed. We can help you clear your Alabama criminal record. Alabama’s new expungement law becomes effective July 2014. The new law will allow a limited amount of eligible people to clear their Alabama record. Having that arrest and charge follow you around for the rest of your life can be devastating. Let our experienced attorney’s help you get your life back.

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