Copyright laws protect original works of authorship. This work includes poems, songs, plays, music, and other artistic works. The work must have a tangible form to be protected. This protection is important because it gives the owner exclusive rights to:

  • reproduce copies,
  • prepare alternatives based off of the original 
  • perform the work publicly,
  • display the work,
  • distribute copies

Copyright owners also have the right to assign the above rights to others.

Sounds great, so how does one go about securing a copyright for their creative works? The answer is simple. Copyrights are secured automatically upon creation. Even though you don’t have to register your work to have copyright protection, registering your work is important as it can establish when the work was created. That information comes in very handy during a dispute.

Ideas and concepts are not protected by copyright law. Names, slogans, and titles are also not protected by copyright laws. Great example would be Sweet Brown’s ever so popular “ain’t nobody got time fo dat” which is not protected by copyright law, however she should contact an intellectual property attorney because it could be protected by other form of intellectual property law.

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