As a criminal defense attorney there is nothing worse than discovering that your client has placed a nail in his or her own coffin.  Here are a few tips to help you (and your attorney) if you encounter law enforcement:

            1.   Avoid additional  charges by REMAINING CALM, even if you believe the encounter is unwarranted

–     Don’t argue, run, or in any other manner resist

            2.    “No Officer you may not search my car, home, etc… where the drugs, weapons or other contraband are

–        Unless they have a warrant law enforcement generally cannot search your car, home, etc… without your consent, don’t give it to them!

             3.   You have the right to remain silent

–        Stop explaining yourself,

  • But I just need to say… NO… Can I just tell them… NO STOP TALKING

–        law enforcement is not your friend so don’t give them information that they will later use against you

4. You have the right to an attorney

–        Ask for one

–        Asking for an attorney is not an admission of guilt

  •  An attorney can help protect your constitutional rights by guiding you through the interrogation process