If you have an espy shop, eBay store or online boutique you maybe aware of Amazon’s decade long fight against opposing taxes to online retailers. Amazon sought to avoid collecting taxes in states were the were not physically operating. At one point it appeared that Amazon had passed the baton to eBay, see here for more on that, however it appears that Amazon seeks to finish the race itself.  In late August the giant online retailer appealed to the highest court in New York the ruling that it must collect sales tax from New York residents.  Amazon argued that it does not have a physical present in the state and therefore should not be subject to collecting taxes.

All of the back and forth may be for nought as Congress is considering a bill known as Marketplace Fairness Act that would force all online retailers to collect sales taxes from every state.  Yikes! The thought of collecting sales taxes from multiple states can be overwhelming so states that want to compel the collection of sales tax must first simplify there tax laws. You can get more information on that by visiting marketplace.org.   You can follow the bill’s progress by following this link.   Don’t worry if  your online retail shop is not producing as much online sales as  Amazon, Overstock or Ebay,  there is an exemption for those whose online sales equal less than 1 million.  Here is a good article from Forbes if you want to see how the bill could benefit you.